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Government Structure of Fanamyr

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1 Government Structure of Fanamyr on Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:21 pm

  • Lords of the Land
    ~Galvath 'the Runt' Kanathunaki
    ~ Kaggol 'the Braveguard' Kanathunaki
    ~ Zayne Da'Erdoneal
    ~ Roywyn Tesafel Galanodel Baren
    ~ Azuri Kanathunaki
    ~ Denssarr of the Running River Clan

  • Chamberlain
    ~Valara Damarperela
  • Spokespersons
    Specified by each city
  • Marshall
    ~Selus Maranayth
  • Lieutenant (Highest Rank)
    ~Belpan Radipa
  • Captain (Second Highest Rank)
    Each City has a different Captain
  • Soldier (Lowest Rank)
    Hundreds of these exist within the Nation
  • Jailer (Oversees the 2 jail functions)
    ~Ysary Annatas
    ~Crislor Dalivyr

  • Treasurer (Oversees the town coffers)
  • Tax Collectors (Individuals who collect taxes)
    Many of these occur throughout the land
  • Forest Warden
    ~Samhain Galanodel
    There are a few select few that have been piced to be part of the Forest Protection Task force.

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