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Fanamyr Forests

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1 Fanamyr Forests on Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:55 pm

Ever since the destruction of the Silvasa Forest, the Beast Gods have migrated into the remaining forests on the continent. This is included in the Fanamyr Forests (Bear Claw Woods being part of this).

The Beast Gods
If animals had gods, these would be it. The Beast Gods are beyond Legendary Animals and are even respected by the gods.

Luporva, The Mother of Wolves:
Luporva lives in the forest of Silvasa and has lived there for as long as anyone can remember. She is a giant white wolf with two clear blue eyes. The Wood Elves of Silvasa have come to respect her and revere her as a Forest Guardian and sometimes even a Goddess. Only a few times in the past have the High Elves of Silvasa tried to hunt the elusive Luporva, with disastrous results. The wolf is a sacred animal to the Wood Elves of Silvasa now.

To see Luporva while walking is a sign. If she goes from left to right in your view it is a sign of great fortune, if she passes right to left it is a horrible omen.

Elven and Druid Lore:

In Silvasa there are a sect of Druids known as the Order of the Divine Fang who believe that Luporva is the mother of all things and the wolf is the being closest to her. They believe that she has weakened due to her children further moving away from the true bloodline of the wolf and that she needs to be protected. The Order of the Divine Fang is broken into two sects, the Speakers of the Wolf and the Returners. The Speakers of the Wolf are a sect who keep humanoid form to best communicate the sacred nature of wolves and the holiness of Luporva, the Returners are those who have 'returned' to the truest form and live as wolves, never taking humanoid form again, instead running with Luporva as members of her pack.

Rathena Fangspeaker:
All members of the Speakers of the Wolf take the last name Fangspeaker and Rathena is their leader. She is an elderly but beautiful Wood Elf with kindly eyes who travels the world, though primarily Silvasa, preaching the sacredness of wolves.

Stonefang is the Alpha Male of the Returners, though he obviously bends knee to Luporva. He is also her prime mate (Luporva mates with the male wolves who are in her pack, including the Returners). He is incredibly old and his pelt is a grayish silver and from their union many powerful pups have been born. Only a few Speakers know who Stonefang originally was.

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